Embedded Media Markers

Embedded Media Markers, or simply EMMs, are nearly transparent iconic marks printed on paper documents that signify the existence of media associated with that part of the document. EMMs also guide users’ camera operations for media retrieval. Users take a picture of an EMM signified document patch using a cell phone, and the media associated with the EMM-signified document location is displayed on the phone. Unlike bar codes, EMMs are nearly transparent and thus do not interfere with the document contents. Retrieval of media associated with an EMM is based on image local features of the captured EMMsignified document patch. An EMM is placed semi-automaticallyat a location in a document, in such a way that it encompasses sufficient identification features with minimal disturbance to the original document.

An EMM on a Fuji Xerox brochure.

Embedded Media Markers link media to paper.

Embedded Media Markers Japanese Version.

Technical Contacts: Qiong Liu.

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