Hitchcock is a system to simplify the process of editing video. Its key features are the use of automatic analysis to find the best quality video clips, an algorithm to cluster those clips into meaningful piles, and an intuitive user interface for combining the desired clips into a final video. We conducted a user study to determine how the automatic clip creation and pile navigation support users in the editing process. The study showed that users liked the ease-of-use afforded by automation, but occasionally had problems navigating and overriding the automated editing decisions. These findings demonstrate the need for a proper balance between automation and user control. Thus, we built a new version of Hitchcock that retains the automatic editing features, but provides additional controls for navigation and for allowing users to modify the system decisions.

To simplify the process of editing interactive video, we developed the concept of "detail-on-demand" video as a subset of general hypervideo where a single button press reveals additional information about the current video sequence. Detail-on-demand video keeps the authoring and viewing interfaces relatively simple while supporting a wide range of interactive video applications. Our editor, Hyper-Hitchcock, builds on prior work on automatic analysis to find the best quality video clips. It introduces video composites as an abstraction for grouping and manipulating sets of video clips. Navigational links can be created between any two video clips or composites. Such links offer a variety of return behaviors for when the linked video is completed that can be tailored to different materials. Initial impressions from a pilot study indicate that Hyper-Hitchcock is easy to learn although the behavior of links is not immediately intuitive for all users.

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Technical Contact: Andreas Girgensohn

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