Interactive Documents

FXPAL research in interactive documents aims to make document content more accessible, whether the document is paper or electronic or a combination of the two. In Paper UI, we develop paper-based user interfaces that bridge the gap between paper and electronic documents, so that users can have the best of both technologies. Our Document Capture and Viewing research focuses on interfaces that make it easier to capture and view document contents on mobile devices.

Paper UI
Paper UI technologies combine paper documents and mobile devices (e.g. cell phones and portable projectors) to augment normal human-paper interactions. Similar to Augmented Reality, these technologies augment real paper with "see-through" cell phone displays or overhead projectors to support multimedia retrieval, annotation, and information access.

  • Embedded Media Markers: Embedded Media Markers (EMM) are nearly transpaperent iconic marks on paper that indicate a link to electronic content.
  • Pacer: Paper And Camera-phone supported Editor and Reader, or PACER, supports fine-grained digital functions on paper documents.
  • FACT: FACT is an interactive system for fine-grained interactions with paper documents, consisting of a camera/projector unit and a laptop PC.

Document Capture and Viewing
Document Capture and Viewing technolgies help readers capture and view content on small devices.

  • Seamless Documents
    The Seamless Documents project develops a variety of techniques to support viewing documents and document collections on large and small displays.
  • SmartDCap
    SmartDCap helps users capture higher quality document images using their smartphone.

More Research Projects

Interactive Document Technology

Embedded Media Markers: link media to paper.

Pacer is a cell phone interface for paper.

Seamless Document Viewer supports document viewing on mobile devices.

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