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MediaMagic is an interactive video search system, designed to enable users to efficiently search video using a flexible interface and rich visualizations. MediaMagic provides tools for issuing queries using textual, visual, and semantic content. Search by visual and textual example is enabled throughout to assist in exploration of the corpus.

We tested variations of MediaMagic within the context the TRECVID interactive video search evaluations from 2004 to 2008, including multi-user collaborative search variations. By combining our expertise in automatic content analysis and video interface design we created an interactive search system which is consistently among the top performers in the evaluation. Our various search systems are documented in detail in the publications listed below.
Information about other FXPAL participation in TRECVID can be found here

TRECVID is a large-scale metrics-based evaluation of video analysis technologies organized by NIST to promote progress in content-based video search. TRECVID draws participants from all over the world from both academia and industry and is a premier forum for state of the art research in content-based video analysis and retrieval.

Technical Contact: Matthew Cooper

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