Interactive Media

Research in Interactive Media focuses on tools and interfaces to support multimedia creation, annotation, access, and re-use.

TalkMiner - online lecture video search

    TalkMiner is a system for aggregating and processing web-based lecture video to enable slide-based visual index and text-based search of the content within the presentation.

NudgeCam - guided multimedia capture

    NudgeCam is a mobile application that supports targeted, focused capture in order to better document problems, discoveries, or other situations in the field.

Photo management

  • MediaGLOW investigates the use of multi-faceted photo similarity in a photo organization tool.
  • The Rich Media Organizer (RMO) is a tool for organization of personal photo collections incorporating advanced capabilities.
  • StainedGlass Collage is a service for creating photo collages emphasizing interesting regions in the photos.

More Projects

TalkMiner presentation video search

NudgeCam active capture

MediaGLOW photo workspace

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