Contact: David Hilbert

As part of the PAL Bar project, we are exploring the utility of contextual and proactive information access techniques for state-of-the-art knowledge management and resource discovery. PAL Bar is a toolbar that runs within web browsers and email clients (currently Internet Explorer, FireFox and Outlook). It uses a web-service-based Information Retrieval framework to analyse the user's current context, e.g. the currently displayed web page or email message, and provides proactive access to closely related contacts and documents. In its current instantiation at FXPAL, PAL Bar provides the following features:

  • Contextual access to corporate visitors (using information from FXPAL's Video Guestbook)
  • Contextual access to corporate documents (internal reports, inventions and publications)
  • Contextual access to personal contacts and documents (e.g. bookmarks or any personally relevant document)

In short, PAL Bar is an associative corporate memory that supports proactive resource discovery and reuse, connecting users to relevant documents and people based on contextual information.

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