FXPAL Photo Application

Also known as the Rich Media Organizer (RMO)

The rapidly increasing use of digital cameras is causing a corresponding increase in the number and size of personal digital photo collections. There is a corresponding need for powerful tools to help users organize, classify, and browse their collections.

The FXPAL Photo Application is designed to facilitate the organization of digital images from digital cameras and other sources through automated organization and intuitive user interfaces.

Features of the FXPAL Photo Application include:

  • Imported photos are automatically split into time-based events using novel temporal clustering algorithms and optionally integrating location information.
  • Photos can be labeled within a variety of category types (Dates, Events, People, Places, Labels ) and the photos icons in the lighttable can be sorted by any category type.
  • A calendar view of the photos provides an intuitive way of finding photos for a particular date.
  • Integrated face detection and recognition functionality.
  • Automatically generates stained-glass collages and animated "pan-n-scan" Flash slideshows.

Watch the video demo from ACM Multimedia 2003:

Technical Contact: Matthew Cooper

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