Distributed Intelligent Conferencing Environment (DICE)

Today most smart meeting and lecture spaces are loaded with technology that often can only be operated with assistance from professional technicians. The goal of the Distributed Intelligent Conferencing Environment (DICE) project is to create smart rooms that anyone can use with ease. The DICE project is part of the Usable Smart Environments (USE) group.

We built the DICE system to meet requirements gathered from extensive interviews and observations of current practices. The system provides a flexible, extensible architecture specifically designed to enhance ease-of-use for smart environment technologies. The architecture is designed to allow customization and personalization of smart environments not only for many different types of work, but also for different groups, users, and physical spaces.

Currently DICE is deployed in a large multi-purpose conference room, Kumo, and a smaller meeting space, Niji. We are conducting ongoing user studies and observations of use in both spaces, and are using our findings to improve the system.

Before DICE
The Podium before and with DICE
The video switch (before) and the DICE console to control the video switch
Sketch of how Kumo was wired (before) and close up on the DICE podium

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