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FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Inc. (FXPAL) is a leading multimedia research laboratory established by Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. in 1995. FXPAL researchers invent information technologies intended to address key issues affecting businesses and society.

At FXPAL, we recognize the world is changing in fundamental ways.

  • Distributed work teams require usable remote collaboration technologies.
  • Continuous media (audio, video, and data) redefine communication, cooperation and decision making.
  • Massive amounts of unstructured data necessitate simplified and streamlined technologies for accessing, visualizing, organizing and extracting desired information.

FXPAL research focuses in the following areas:

Information Access: Analysis and visualization techniques to find information, discover patterns, and understand sentiment in enterprise data and social media.

Interactive Media: Tools and interfaces to support use of multimedia for enterprise, education, and social communication including multimedia creation, annotation, access, and re-use.

Smart Spaces: Real, mobile, and virtual spaces that support interactions with large data, with complex systems, and with other people.

Remote Collaboration: Technological mediation for communication, collaboration, and awareness between remote spaces and mobile workers.

Interactive Documents: Applications that make document content more accessible by bridging paper and electronic content.

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