FXPAL has developed numerous leading-edge technologies that are now available for license. Licensing technology from FXPAL is a cost-effective alternative to independently developing a similar asset. Our relationships with our licensees extend to ensure mutual success.

By licensing FXPAL technologies, companies can

  • Shorten time to market of innovative products
  • Reduce development expense
  • Enhance existing products and services

For more information visit FXPAL's License Agreements page or contact our Business Development Team.

Technology and Intellectual Property Available for License

    Video Manga - Compact video summaries using Japanese comic book style graphics for a quick overview of a video's contents.

    Keyframe Selection - Automatic high-quality video keyframe selection to enable Video Manga and other applications.

    StainedGlass Collage - A technology to organize and share digital photos by combining regions of interest into a collage.

    Video Surveillance - An indoor, real-time, multi-camera surveillance system utilizing video analysis, remote sensors and advanced user interfaces.

    ProjectorBox - Automatic capture, indexing, and management of multimedia presentations.

    Hitchcock - An advanced interactive video editing and linking system.

    Rich Media Organizer (RMO) - Facilitates the organization of digital images from cameras and other sources through automated organization and intuitive user interfaces.

    FlyAbout - Virtual touring using spatially indexed panoramic video. Creates an interactive, photographic "virtual reality" system.

    XLibris - Digital library information appliance that is a commercial high-resolution pen tablet display with paper-like user interface supporting active reading. An XLibris user can hold a scanned image of a page in his lap and mark on it with digital ink.

    NoteLook - Note-taking with digital ink and video.


FlyAbout provides a virtual tour of real environments using spatially-indexed panoramic video.

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