Pantheia: Creating and Manipulating Augmented Spaces

The Pantheia system uses augmented reality technology to support image-based model creation, model manipulation, and spatial viewing of images and models. Our motto is every image has its place. Themes include model creation by working in physical space, and situated image viewing that provides a means of being there virtually.

Our early work focused on creating architectures and tools to support the creation and update of mirror worlds (virtual worlds based on real spaces) including a novel approach to model creation based on physically-placed markers. We also developed tools for situated image viewing in which images of an object can be viewed in spatial context using a 3D model of the object. Both of these systems are shown in the Pantheia video to the right. While we continue to develop techniques to support model creation and image viewing, our more recent work also includes tracking of people and objects and physical means for manipulating virtual content to provide more seamless interactions between real and virtual worlds. Some of this work is being integrated with FXPAL's Unity and Virtual Factory projects.

Pantheia system for marker-based model creation and situated image viewing.

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