Research at FXPAL

FXPAL does research in new technologies and systems for document services and communication. Our focus is on developing technologies to access and visualize information and to use multimedia as an effective form of communication. We also focus and smart environments that support both face-to-face and remote collaboration. There are five primary research areas at FXPAL:

Information Access
Enterprise data and social media contain valuable information for enterprise operation and business intelligence. Our research focuses on analysis techniques to discover this information and visualization techniques to understand and discover patterns in this data.

Interactive Media
Video and images are used increasing for communication in the enterprise, in education, and socially. Our research develops tools to create and index “how-to” video and to index and search through lecture video, as well as techniques to organize, summarize, and share personal media.

Smart Spaces
Understanding and interacting with large quantities of data requires new types of interfaces and display environments. Our research focuses on multi-display, augmented, and virtual environments with direct-input interfaces for modalities such as gesture and voice in combination with wearable and mobile devices.

Remote Collaboration
Technological mediation for communication, collaboration, and awareness between remote spaces and mobile workers.

Interactive Documents
Documents can either be paper or electronic, and each form has its own advantages. Our research aims to combine the best features of each by creating electronic documents with paper-like properties and creating links to electronic media in paper documents.

FXPAL's Director of Research is Lynn Wilcox.


TalkMiner provides an index for lecture video.

Embedded Media Markers: link media to paper.

VirtualFactory monitors and controls factories.

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