Uses of Interface

Packages that use IdCreator Specifies classes that implement the reverted indexing framework using Lucene. 

Uses of IdCreator in

Classes in that implement IdCreator
 class IdCreatorLucene
          Reads the idField of a Lucene Document to return its external id.

Methods in that return IdCreator
 IdCreator LuceneSearcher.getIdCreator()
          Gets the IdCreator for this index.
 IdCreator IndexSpecification.getIdCreator()
          Returns a new instance of an IdCreator that uses the idField that is part of this specification.
 IdCreator IdCreatorFactoryLucene.newIdCreator(java.lang.String idField)
          Returns a new instance of IdCreatorLucene that reads values from the specified field name.
 IdCreator IdCreatorFactory.newIdCreator(java.lang.String idField)
          Creates a new IdCreator that corresponds to the named field.

Methods in with parameters of type IdCreator
 void LuceneSearcher.setIdCreator(IdCreator idc)
          Sets the IdCreator to be used with this index.