Nami Tokunaga

Research Engineer

Nami Tokunaga

Nami Tokunaga worked at FXPAL from Oct 2017 – Apr 2019 as a research engineer on an oversea residency program. Before joining FXPAL, she was a Researcher at Fuji Xerox where she conducted ethnographic research to support office workers to enhance their communication in various projects collaborated with the customers.

She has B.S. and M.S. degrees, both in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Kyushu University, Japan.



Publication Details
  • CSCW2018
  • Nov 3, 2018


Searching collaboratively for places of interest is a common activity that frequently occurs on individual mobile phones, or on large tourist-information displays in public places such as visitor centers or train stations. We created a public display system for collaborative travel planning, as well as a mobile app that can augment the display. We tested them against third-party mobile apps in a simulated travel-search task to understand how the unique features of mobile phones and large displays might be leveraged together to improve collaborative travel planning experience.