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Senior Research Scientist, FXPAL

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My most recent research focuses on understanding and supporting user sharing preferences within systems for workplace communication and collaboration. I am particularly interested in user perceptions as to what sort of data sharing is useful, and how that impacts user comfort and privacy concerns. These considerations led to the recognition of a need for methods to perform a new type of privacy preserving data aggregation. We developed the first privacy-preserving protocols for the aggregation of time series data that enable individuals to contribute to aggregate statistics without ever revealing their values and where almost all of the computation is carried out by an untrusted ("honest, but curious") third party. More details can be found in our publications.

My image-based modeling work is part of a broader mixed reality project. My colleagues and I devised a novel approach that enables users to create models by marking up the real world with pre-printed markers with predefined meanings that guide the system in creating models. The system creates models from user-captured images or video of the marked-up space. Our marker-based approach creates not only static models, but also models with interactive components. The marker-based approach simplifies the hard problem of reconstructing a model from images because the markers are easily detectable and their associated meanings simplify the geometric deduction. It also enables users to specify which parts of a scene should be included and handles certain clutter removal and occlusion issues because it renders what the markers indicate rather than what is seen. With markers, users can specify deviations from the physical scene. We are currently working on advancing various aspects of this approach, including the markup language, the markup strategies, and the geometric deduction. In addition to marker-based approaches, we have begun to pursue pure non-marker-based approaches, and hybrid approaches. We are also exploring 3D viewers that spatially integrate images with a model. Our video provides an overview of our approach and demonstrates an earlier version of our system. More details of our work can be found in our publications.

I also continue to follow developments in quantum computing. Wolfgang Polak and I wrote one of the first technical tutorials for non-physicists. I continue to write technical expository articles and blog posts about this field, and have a few older research papers. In March 2011, MIT press published our book Quantum Computing: A Gentle Introduction. Both Amazon and MIT press provide the table of contents and some sample pages.

I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in many diverse areas, including multimedia, bioinformatics, modular robotics, genetic programming, hypertext, and geometric group theory, as well as privacy and security, mixed reality, and quantum computing.

Some of my work and interests are reflected in my posts to FXPAL's blog.

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Eleanor G. Rieffel
Senior Research Scientist, FXPAL

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