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“Notice: FX Palo Alto Laboratory will be closing. All Research and related operations will cease as of June 30, 2020.”

Why License from FXPAL?

Licensing technology from FXPAL is a cost-effective alternative to independently developing a similar asset. Our relationships with our licensees extend to ensure mutual success.

By licensing FXPAL technologies, companies can

  • Shorten time to market of innovative products
  • Reduce development expense
  • Enhance existing products and services

FXPAL technology license agreements are customized to meet the unique needs of the licensee.

Contact FXPAL’s Business Development Team for more information.

Commercialized Technologies

At FXPAL, we take pride in emphasizing applied research. We collaborate with our entrepreneurial and business partners to ensure successful transition of licensed research into final products. Below are a few of our successes:

  • Media Switch, commercialized by Fuji Xerox. Media Switch is a cloud service that links paper documents to multimedia thus providing a way to deliver multimedia content such as video and Web to smartphones. When a user takes a picture of the Marker signified document patch with a smartphone camera, the media content associated with that part of the document is displayed on the phone. This service enables companies specializing in the planning, creation, and printing of promotional collaterals to easily link paper documents and multimedia by simply specifying the location on paper and providing the appropriate link. Media Switch is based on the FXPAL Embedded Media Marker (EMM) technology.
  • MediaDEPO, commercialized by Fuji Xerox. MediaDEPO is a Web-based video server that allows users to receive video contents, search and maintain contents in a database, and share this data for reuse. Users can easily search video data in three ways: through keyframes on a timeline slider, through a comic book-style summary, and through text search of associated powerpoint slides. This technology enables users to post-participate in live events and meetings. MediaDEPO is based on FXPAL video server technology MBase and summarization technology Manga.
  • Plasma Poster, commercialized by Fuji Xerox. Plasma Posters are an expandable network of large screen, digital, interactive, community bulletin boards. They extend traditional benefits of localized bulletin boards to a larger community and technically enhance the usability and flexibility of the classic communication instrument.
  • ProjectorBox, commercialized by Fuji Xerox. ProjectorBox seamlessly captures high-resolution slide images, text and audio, turning projectors into smart appliances. It requires no operator, specialized software, or changes to current presentation practice. A web-based user interface allows users to search, replay, and export captured content. A web service API enables organizations to do more with the content that passes through their projectors and large displays.
  • StainedGlass Collage, commercialized by Fujifilm for inclusion in Fujifilm’s global photo kiosks. StainedGlass Collage allows individuals and organizations to share more than just collections of photographs; now they can share entire events. Users simply upload digital photos and the application helps them select photos, assemble and organize their collage. Collages can be printed right at the kiosk, emailed, and downloaded.
  • XLibris, licensed to Microsoft Corporation. XLibris is a commercial high-resolution pen and paper-like user interface that enhances active reading and management of digital library information. An XLibris user can hold a scanned image of a page in his lap and mark on it with digital ink.

Featured Licensable Technology

Technology and Intellectual Property Available for License

Manga – Compact video summaries using Japanese comic book style graphics for a quick overview of a video’s contents.

Keyframe Selection – Automatic high-quality video keyframe selection to enable Manga and other applications.

StainedGlass Collage – A technology to organize and share digital photos by combining regions of interest into a collage.

Video Surveillance – An indoor, real-time, multi-camera surveillance system utilizing video analysis, remote sensors and advanced user interfaces.

ProjectorBox – Automatic capture, indexing, and management of multimedia presentations.

Hyper-Hitchcock – An advanced interactive video editing and linking system.

Digital Photo Management – Facilitates the organization of digital images from cameras and other sources through automated organization and intuitive user interfaces.

FlyAbout – Virtual touring using spatially indexed panoramic video. Creates an interactive, photographic “virtual reality” system.

XLibris – Digital library information appliance that is a commercial high-resolution pen tablet display with paper-like user interface supporting active reading. An XLibris user can hold a scanned image of a page in his lap and mark on it with digital ink.

NoteLook – Note-taking with digital ink and video.