Technology License Agreement

FXPAL technology license agreements are customized to meet the unique needs of the licensee. FXPAL business and technical teams work with you to structure licensing arrangements which support your business objectives, schedule needs, and other requirements. An exploratory discussion is customarily treated as a non-confidential dialogue and may be followed by subsequent discussions under a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement.

Our agreements follow these established procedures:

  • Licensee agreements can be for early-stage and more evolved technologies.
  • License agreements can be structured as exclusive or non-exclusive royalty-bearing and/or equity stake agreements.
  • Licensing fees, if any, can be structured as annual renewable or one-time perpetual use license fee.
  • Deliverables may include prototype software or hardware, designs or design methodologies, technology transfer support services, patent and trade secret use rights, and other related assets.
  • Agreements may include an option for limited support from the scientist(s) who developed the technology.

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We look forward to working with you and understanding your technology needs.