1st International Workshop on Collaborative Information Retrieval


Explicit support for collaboration is becoming increasingly important for certain kinds of collection-building activities in digital libraries. In the last few years, several research groups have also pursued various issues related to collaboration during search [4][5][6]. We can represent collaboration in search on two dimensions – synchrony and intent. Asynchronous collaboration means that people are not working on the same problem simultaneously; implicit collaboration occurs when the system uses information from others’ use of the system to inform new searches, but does not guarantee consistency of search goals. In this workshop, we are concerned with the top-left quadrant of Figure 1 that represents small groups of people working toward a common goal at the same time. These synchronous, explicit collaborations could occur amongst remotely situated users, each with their own computers, or amongst a co-located group sharing devices; these spatial configurations add yet another dimension to be considered when designing collaborative search systems.