By Kandha Sankarapandian (Clear Search)

“Notice: FX Palo Alto Laboratory will be closing. All Research and related operations will cease as of June 30, 2020.”

Publication Details
  • IADIS e-Learning 2008
  • Jul 22, 2008


While researchers have been exploring automatic presentation capture since the 1990's, real world adoption has been limited. Our research focuses on simplifying presentation capture and retrieval to reduce adoption barriers. ProjectorBox is our attempt to create a smart appliance that seamlessly captures, indexes, and archives presentation media, with streamlined user interfaces for searching, skimming, and sharing content. In this paper we describe the design of ProjectorBox and compare its use across corporate and educational settings. While our evaluation confirms the usability and utility of our approach across settings, it also highlights differences in usage and user needs, suggesting enhancements for both markets. We describe new features we have implemented to address corporate needs for enhanced privacy and security, and new user interfaces for content discovery.