From Single Screen to Dual Screen - a Design Study for a User-Controlled Hypervideo-Based Physiotherapy Training


Hypervideo based physiotherapy trainings bear an opportunity to support patients in continuing their training after being released from a rehabilitation clinic. Many exercises require the patient to sit on the floor or a gymnastic ball, lie on a gymnastics mat, or do the exercises in other postures. Using a laptop or tablet with a stand to show the exercises is more helpful than for example just having some drawings on a leaflet. However, it may lead to incorrect execution of the exercises while maintaining eye contact with the screen or require the user to get up and select the next exercise if the devices is positioned for a better view. A dual screen application, where contents are shown on a TV screen and the flow of the video can be controlled from a mobile second device, allows patients to keep their correct posture and the same time view and select contents. In this paper we propose first studies for user interface designs for such apps. Initial paper prototypes are discussed and refined in two focus groups. The results are then presented to a broader range of users in a survey. Three prototypes for the mobile app and one prototype for the TV are identified for future user tests.