FX Palo Alto Laboratory: Shaping the Office of the Future


FX Palo Alto Laboratory provides multimedia and information
technology research for the Fuji Xerox corporation based in Tokyo,
Japan. FXPAL’s mission is to help Fuji Xerox with a digital
information technology infrastructure to support services in Fuji
Xerox’s Open Office Frontier. Our research spans interactive
media, immersive conferencing, social computing, mobile and
adaptive computing, natural language inquiry, and emerging technologies
such as quantum computing and bioinformatics. Our
research methods combine determining user needs, inventing new
technologies, building prototype systems, informing professional
communities, and transferring technology to Fuji Xerox. The
physical distance between our laboratory and our parent company
makes it natural for us to research problems with collaborations
across time zones and cultures. To address these problems,
to test our ideas, and to prepare for technology transfers, we actively
create prototype systems for interactive media, immersive
conferencing, and social and mobile computing. We also foster
collaboration with our Japanese colleagues through a combination
of face-to-face visits and both synchronous and asynchronous
remote communication.