Geometric Tools for Multicamera Surveillance Systems


Our analysis and visualization tools use 3D building geometry
to support surveillance tasks. These tools are part of DOTS,
our multicamera surveillance system; a system with over 20
cameras spread throughout the public spaces of our building.
The geometric input to DOTS is a floor plan and information
such as cubicle wall heights. From this input we construct
a 3D model and an enhanced 2D floor plan that are the bases
for more specific visualization and analysis tools. Foreground
objects of interest can be placed within these models and dynamically
updated in real time across camera views. Alternatively,
a virtual first-person view suggests what a tracked person
can see as she moves about. Interactive visualization tools
support complex camera-placement tasks. Extrinsic camera
calibration is supported both by visualizations of parameter
adjustment results and by methods for establishing correspondences
between image features and the 3D model.