GestureSeg: Developing a Gesture Segmentation System using Gesture Execution Phase Labeling by Crowd Workers


Most current mobile and wearable devices are equipped with inertial measurement units (IMU) that allow the detection of motion gestures, which can be used for interactive applications. A difficult problem to solve, however, is how to separate ambient motion from an actual motion gesture input. In this work, we explore the use of motion gesture data labeled with gesture execution phases for training supervised learning classifiers for gesture segmentation. We believe that using gesture execution phase data can significantly improve the accuracy of gesture segmentation algorithms. We define gesture execution phases as the start, middle and end of each gesture. Since labeling motion gesture data with gesture execution phase information is work intensive, we used crowd workers to perform the labeling. Using this labeled data set, we trained SVM-based classifiers to segment motion gestures from ambient movement of the device t. We describe initial results that indicate that gesture execution phase can be accurately recognized by SVM classifiers. Our main results show that training gesture segmentation classifiers with phase-labeled data substantially increases the accuracy of gesture segmentation: we achieved a gesture segmentation accuracy of 0.89 for simulated online segmentation using a sliding window approach.