Hypervideo Summaries


Hypervideo is a form of interactive video that allows users to follow links to other video. A simple form of hypervideo,
called “detail-on-demand video,” provides at most one link from one segment of video to another, supporting a singlebutton
interaction. Detail-on-demand video is well suited for interactive video summaries, because the user can request a
more detailed summary while watching the video. Users interact with the video is through a special hypervideo player
that displays keyframes with labels indicating when a link is available. While detail-on-demand summaries can be
manually authored, it is a time-consuming task. To address this issue, we developed an algorithm to automatically
generate multi-level hypervideo summaries. The highest level of the summary consists of the most important clip from
each take or scene in the video. At each subsequent level, more clips from each take or scene are added in order of their
importance. We give one example in which a hypervideo summary is created for a linear training video. We also show
how the algorithm can be modified to produce a hypervideo summary for home video.