Immersive Conferencing Directions at FX Palo Alto Laboratory


For some years, our group at FX Palo Alto Laboratory
has been developing technologies to support meeting
recording, collaboration, and videoconferencing. This
paper presents a few of our more interesting research
directions. Many of our systems use a video image as an
interface, allowing devices and information to be accessed
“through the screen.” For example, SPEC enables hybrid
collaborative and automatic camera control through an
active video window. The NoteLook system allows a user
to grab an image from a computer display, annotate it
with digital ink, then drag it to that or a different display,
while automatically generating timestamps for later video
review. The ePIC system allows natural use and control of
multi-display and multi-device presentation spaces, and
the iLight system allows remote users to “draw” with light
on a local object. All our systems serve as platforms for
researching more sophisticated algorithms that will
hopefully support additional advanced functions and ease
of use.