Indoor Toy Car Localization and Navigation using Projected Light


Indoor localization is challenging in terms of both the
accuracy and possible using scenarios. In this paper, we
introduce the design and implementation of a toy car
localization and navigation system, which demonstrates that a
projected light based localization technique allows multiple
devices to know and exchange their fine-grained location
information in an indoor environment. The projected light
consists of a sequence of gray code images which assigns each
pixel in the projection area a unique gray code so as to
distinguish their coordination. The light sensors installed on the
toy car and the potential “passenger” receive the light stream
from the projected light stream, based on which their locations
are computed. The toy car then utilizes A* algorithm to plan the
route based on its own location, orientation, the target’s location
and the map of available “roads”. The fast speed of localization
enables the toy car to adjust its own orientation while “driving”
and keep itself on “roads”. The toy car system demonstrates that
the localization technique can power other applications that
require fine-grained location information of multiple objects