Interacting with Smart Consumer Cameras: Exploring Gesture, Voice, and AI Control in Video Streaming


Livestreaming and video calls have grown in popularity due to the
increased connectivity and advancements in mobile devices. Our
interactions with these cameras are limited as the cameras are
either fixed or manually remote controlled. Here we present a
Wizard-of-Oz elicitation study to inform the design of interactions
with smart 360\textdegree\ cameras or robotic mobile desk cameras
for use in video-conferences and live-streaming situations.
There was an overall preference
for devices that can minimize distraction as well as preferences for
devices that can show they demonstrate an understanding of
video-meeting context. We find
participants dynamically grow with regards to the complexity of
interactions which illustrate the need for deeper event semantics
within the Camera AI. Finally, we detail interaction techniques and
design insights to inform the next generation of personal video
cameras for streaming and collaboration.