Interacting with Third-Party Content:Is a Second Screen Enough?


Creating compelling multimedia content is a difficult task. It involves not only the creative process of developing a compelling media-based story, but it also requires significant technical support for content editing, management and distribution. This has been true for printed, audio and visual presentations for centuries. It is certainly true for broadcast media such as radio and television.
The talk will survey several approaches to describe and manage media interactions. We will focus on the temporal modeling of context-sensitive personalized interactions of complex collections of independent media objects. Using the concepts of ‘togetherness’ being employed in the EU’s FP-7 project TA2: Together Anywhere, Together Anytime, we will follow the process of media capture, profiling, composition, sharing and end-user manipulation. We will
consider the promise of using automated tools and contrast this with the reality of letting real users manipulation presentation semantics in real time.
The talk will not present a closed form solution, but will present a series of topics and problems that can stimulate the development of a new generation of systems to stimulate social media interaction.