Mirror Worlds for Indoor Navigation and Awareness


We describe Explorer, a system utilizing mirror worlds – dynamic 3D virtual models of physical spaces that reflect the structure and activities of those spaces to help support navigation, context awareness and tasks such as planning and recollection of events. A rich sensor network dynamically updates the models, determining the position of people, status of rooms, or updating textures to reflect displays or bulletin boards. Through views on web pages, portable devices, or on ‘magic window’ displays located in the physical space, remote people may ‘Clook in’ to the space, while people within the space are provided with augmented views showing information not physically apparent.
For example, by looking at a mirror display, people can learn how long others have been present, or where they have been. People in one part of a building can get a sense of activities in the rest of the building, know who is present in their office, and look in to presentations in other rooms. A spatial graph is derived from the 3D models which is used both to navigational paths and for fusion of acoustic, WiFi, motion and image sensors
used for positioning. We describe usage scenarios for the system as deployed in two research labs, and a conference venue.