MixPad: Augmenting Paper with Mice & Keyboards for Bimanual, Cross-media and Fine-grained Interaction with Documents


Paper and Computers have complementary advantages and are used side by side in many scenarios. Interactive paper systems aim to combine the two media. However, most such systems only allow fingers and pens to interact with content on paper. This finger-pen-only input suffers from low precision, lag, instability and occlusion. Moreover, it incurs frequent device switch (e.g. pen vs. mouse) in users’ hand during cross-media interactions, yielding inefficiency and interruptions of a document workspace continuum.
To address these limitations, we propose MixPad, a novel interactive paper system which incorporates mice and keyboards to enhance the conventional pen-finger-based paper interaction. Similar to many other systems, MixPad adopts a mobile camera-projector unit to recognize paper documents, detect pen and finger gestures and provide visual feedback. Unlike these systems, MixPad supports users to use mice and keyboards to select fine-grained content and create annotation on paper, and to facilitate bimanual operations for more efficient and smoother cross-media interaction. This novel interaction style combines the advantages of mice, keyboards, pens and fingers, enabling richer digital functions on paper.