NoteLook: Taking Notes in Meetings with Digital Video and Ink.


NoteLook is a client-server system designed and built to
support multimedia note taking in meetings with digital
video and ink. It is integrated into a conference room
equipped with computer controllable video cameras, video
conference camera, and a large display rear video projector.
The NoteLook client application runs on wireless pen-based
notebook computers. Video channels containing images of
the room activity and presentation material are transmitted
by the NoteLook servers to the clients, and the images can
be interactively and automatically incorporated into the
note pages. Users can select channels, snap in large
background images and sequences of thumbnails, and write
freeform ink notes. A smart video source management
component enables the capture of high quality images of the
presentation material from a variety of sources. For
accessing and browsing the notes and recorded video,
NoteLook generates Web pages with links from the images
and ink strokes correlated to the video.