POEMS: A Paper Based Meeting Service Management Tool


As more and more tools are developed for meeting support
tasks, properly using these tools to get expected results
becomes too complicated for many meeting participants. To
address this problem, we propose POEMS (Paper Offered
Environment Management Service) that allows meeting
participants to control services in a meeting environment
through a digital pen and an environment photo on digital
paper. Unlike state-of-the-art device control interfaces that
require interaction with text commands, buttons, or other
artificial symbols, our photo enabled service access is more
intuitive. Compared with PC and PDA supported control,
this new approach is more flexible and cheap. With this
system, a meeting participant can initiate a whiteboard on a
selected public display by tapping the display image in the
photo, or print out a display by drawing a line from the
display image to a printer image in the photo. The user can
also control video or other active applications on a display
by drawing a link between a printed controller and the image
of the display. This paper presents the system architecture,
implementation tradeoffs, and various meeting control