Second-layer Navigation in Mobile Hypervideo for Medical Training


Hypervideos yield to different challenges in the area of navigation due to their underlying graph structure. Especially when used on tablets or by older people, a lack of clarity may lead to confusion and rejection of this type of medium. To avoid confusion, the hypervideo can be extended with a well known table of contents, which needs to be created separately by the authors due to an underlying graph structure. In this work, we present an extended presentation of a table of contents for hypervideos on mobile devices. The design was tested in a real world medical training scenario with the target group of people older than 45 which is the main target group of these applications. This user group is a particular challenge since they sometimes have limited experience in the use of mobile devices and physical deficiencies with growing age. Our user interface was designed in three steps. The findings of an expert group and a survey were used to create two different prototypical versions of the display, which were then tested against each other in a user test. This test revealed that a divided view is desired. The table of contents in an easy-to-touch version should be on the left side and previews of scenes should be on the right side of the view. These findings were implemented in the existing SIVA HTML5 open source player and tested with a second group of users. This test only lead to minor changes in the GUI.