Speech Control for HTML5 Hypervideo Players


Hypervideo usage scenarios like physiotherapy trainings or instructions for manual tasks make it hard for users to use an input device like a mouse or touch screen on a hand-held device while they are performing an exercise or use both hands to perform a manual task. In this work, we are trying to overcome this issue by providing an alternative input method for hypervideo navigation using speech commands. In a user test, we evaluated two different speech recognition libraries, annyang (in combination with the Web Speech API) and PocketSphinx.js (in combination with the Web Audio API), for their usability to control hypervideo players. Test users spoke 18 words, either in German or English, which were recorded and then processed by both libraries. We found out that annyang shows better recognition results. However, depending on other factors of influence, like the occurrence of background noise (reliability), the availability of an internet connection, or the used browser, PocketSphinx.js may be a better fit.