Storytelling, Jamming, and All That Jazz: Knowledge Creation in the World of New Media.


This is a critical view of the hypothesis that better access to a broader repertoire of media resources will significantly enhance our ability to communicate more effectively. It begins by laying down a foundation of some basic principles concerning the nature of knowledge creation. This foundation is framed in a manner that involves the potential relevance of two particularly creative activities, storytelling and making jazz. This foundation provides the basis for a critical examination of several media-rich presentations that were delivered at the Institute for the Future Outlook Exchange in November of 1997, since these presentations actually pertained to the practices of digital storytelling and jamming. This critique is followed by a more detailed examination of what we may learn from jazz if we wish to invoke it as a metaphor for knowledge creation. The report then concludes by discussing the implications of these observations for a new world of work experiences in which knowledge creation is a critical element.