Towards portable multi-camera high definition video capture using smartphones for tele-immersion


Real-time tele-immersion requires low latency, synchronized multi-camera capture. Prior high definition (HD) capture systems were bulky. We in vestigate the suitability of using flocks of smartphone cameras for tele-immersion. Smartphones can potentially integrate HD capture and streaming into a single portable package. However, they are designed for archiving the captured video into a movie. Hence, we create a sequence of H.264 movies and stream them. We lower the capture delay by reducing the number of frames in each movie segment. Increasing the number of movie segments adds compression overhead. Smartphone video encoders do not sacrifice video quality to lower the compression latency or the stream size. On an iPhone 4S, our application that uses published APIs streams 1920×1080 videos at 16.5 fps with a delay of 712 msec between a real-life event and displaying an uncompressed bitmap of this event on a local laptop. For comparison, the bulky Cisco Tandberg required 300 msec delay. Stereoscopic video from two unsynchronized smartphones showed minimal visual artifacts in an indoor teleconference setting.