Walking Down a Futuristic Street - Using Still Imagery In Motion Graphics


With the techniques covered in this tutorial you will be able to produce two classic visual effects. First, I’ll show you how to make animated titles by importing Photoshop files into Aftereffects. Next we’ll add new scenic elements to some video footage, again using Photoshop. This technique will allow you to add or remove elements like tree or buildings from a shot.

These techniques, especially the one we will use to alter the scene, are common to most visual effects.
Watch the classic old 1933 version of King Kong. Willis O’Brien, the stop motion genius that animated Kong, pioneered the art of extending, or completely fabricating, scenery. Layering several elements painted on glass in front his puppets and rear projected footage allowed O’brien and RKO’s visual effects artist Linwood Dunn to create King Kong’s fantastic jungle scenes. It is said that these set-ups could be many feet deep.