What the iPhone can and can't do well: novel interaction techniques for touch enabled mobile devices


The iPhone takes a fresh approach at defining the user interface for
mobile devices, which invites further innovation for new generations
of touch enabled mobile devices. At the same time, some of its
interaction designs provide challenges. For example, swiping gestures
can be used anywhere on the screen of an iPhone for navigation, no
scroll bars are used. This makes navigation remarkably seamless and
easy, at the expense of selection tasks that would also be supported
naturally by the same gestures. In this demo, we show techniques that
enable both activities simultaneously with minimal interference. We
also demonstrate other user interface designs that are driven by the
features and and a desire to overcome the limits of small displays for
iPhone-type devices. This includes diagonal scrolling as a means to
maximize line width and font size for mobile reading, and a graphical
authentication method.