A platform for personalized, ubiquitous access applications

AnySpot is a platform to enable personalized access and sharing of firewall-protected corporate resources across organizational boundaries.

AnySpot allows users to securely access and share firewall-protected corporate resources across organizational boundaries. It adapts to its users and can interconnect a wide range of information sources and services. In contrast to other “remote in-place access solutions”, AnySpot helps users find their documents more quickly, supports seamless web-based sharing, and has a “service platform” architecture capable of supporting a wide range of customer needs.

With AnySpot, users can remotely access and share resources stored in any file system, using a variety of client devices over both wired and wireless networks. This means users can view, edit, email, fax, and print their networked resources from PCs located at home and remote organizations, as well as Internet terminals and wireless hot spots in airports, hotel business centers, and commercial print shops. Users can also use mobile devices, such as cell phones and PDAs, to email and fax documents while away from the office.

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  • IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 3, Jul-Sep 2007.
  • Jul 1, 2007


AnySpot is a web service-based platform for seamlessly connecting people to their personal and shared documents wherever they go. We describe the principles behind AnySpot's design and report our experience deploying it in a large, multi-national organization.