FXPAL Immersive TechGallery

Technologically expanding human experience.

Virtual Reality represents the next step in multimedia-enhanced communication. And as Art has informed the communications experience – for example through the application of aesthetic principles to multimedia’s discrete components (sound, text, image) – so do we at FXPAL consider aesthetics to enrich the VR experience.

Utilizing HTC Vive HMD at “room scale,” the FXPAL Immersive TechGallery is an immersive (VR) gallery exemplified by content drawn from FXPAL research projects. Within the TechGallery, visitors experience 360 degree interactive videos – with initial experiments from PanoVid – that have included a 3D Printable Parts Gallery, a Walk-in 360 video, Data Globes, 2016 FXPAL Intern Posters and FXPAL Research Videos. In the nearer term, we intend to integrate the TechGallery more closely with our data visualization, robotics, WorldViews and kiosk projects; adding teleport, tour, stereoscopic vision and specialized hand controller functionalities.

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