A challenge we have with teleconferencing meetings today is providing an immersive experience for both parties. For the remote participant, it is difficult to feel like being in the meeting when you only see a small viewport into the room. For the local participants or the presenter, it is sometimes difficult to connect to the remote participant when there is an interaction or question asked. The Kumo360 system tries to solve this in two parts.

To allow the remote participant a more intimate view of the room, we provide a live 360 degree view of the meeting space. This gives the remote participant the freedom to view in any direction in the room. A good use case of this is the remote participant can look at another local participant asking a question instead of only seeing the presenter. Adding to the immersive experience, we also provide a high resolution view of the presenter’s screen in the 360 scene to allow the remote participant to read the slides of the presenter as if he or she is sitting in the room looking at the presentation screen.